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14 is a not-for-profit company. We support organisations and institutions by providing practical and holistic solutions for the many scenarios and challenges that transpire in the workplace including: leadership, culture change, mental wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. We understand the process of designing the workplace for teams and provide your organisation with insights into creating truly inclusive cultures and physical environments.

People are the heart of a successful business. 14 help to create a productive and equitable culture across an organisation by working closely with leadership who recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce that are cognitively well and engaged.

Our Prowess

Our values are steeped in embracing change – for the better. We work with people who see a challenge as opportunity for value driven actions.


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Workshops & Talks

14 facilitate safe, honest discussions for teams and leadership including; D&I , Human Communication, Inclusive Leadership, Social Impact, Designing for Inclusion.

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